The Bachelorette is now minus a BIG TOAD!


Amid numerous scandals involving Arnold Schwarzenegger’s infidelity and Anthony Weiner’s online sex scandal, one frog stood out among all the rest last week: BENTLEY.

A few weeks ago, millions of women around the country sat cringing in their living rooms as scumbag Bentley broke Ashley’s heart on The Bachelorette. Even though most of us saw it coming, I know it didn’t stop me from yelling at my TV in disgust over this truly horrendous toad. So afterwards naturally I took to the online community to share in my outrage and see what other people were saying about this frog in sheep’s clothing.
Logically I thought I’d see tons of rants fuming over how deceitful and slimy Bentley is, which I did. But what I was most surprised to see were the comments from girls saying how much they were going to miss Bentley’s outrageously rude remarks and sneaky tendencies on the show. Um…. EXCUSE ME?

I couldn’t believe the number of women who not only weren’t offended by Bentley’s trickery, but in fact liked it and found him more attractive because of it! There were numerous comments about how hot Bentley was and how if Ashley didn’t want him then they would gladly take him. There were even comments from women saying that if Bentley was off the show then they weren’t going to watch anymore. Which got me thinking… what gives?

It’s always been a common assumption that women are attracted to bad boys. Whether it’s the confidence or the thrill of a little danger, against their better judgment women have always been drawn to this rebellious type. Even with the warning of danger, women still pursue bad guys knowing full well that they’re going to get burned in the end. Take Ashley for example. Though she wasn’t privy to Bentley’s shocking confessionals that the rest of America got to see, she was still warned by a friend that he was going to be bad news. Yet, she still allowed herself to fall for him knowing full well that he wasn’t the safest bet, which elicited my response of: What the hell were you thinking?!

However, even though I blame Ashley for not seeing it sooner, and ridicule the women who would still choose to date him even after confirming that he is a first rate jackass, I still understand where they are coming from. I too have dated the bad guy knowing full well that he would hurt me in the end. And though I’d like to think that I’ve grown and learned from that experience, I still occasionally catch my eye drifting towards those dangerous Lotharios. Even as I watch the Bachelorette and see Ashley talking to J.P., the sweet andquiet guy who in all likelihood is the best choice, I think to myself… borrrrring!

So why are we trained to think that way? Why do we yawn at the J.P.’s and swoon over the Bentley’s? I guess we’re all just hoping that after we kiss those frogs that they’ll turn into our handsome princes.

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