You have to kiss a lot of Bentley’s before you find your prince…..

“FROGERELLA” talks about how Ashley, The Bachelorette, fell for a FROG!

Oh, Ashley – how could you be soooo fooled by Bentley?  And to keep professing your feelings for him over and over! OMG, you let your heart – not your head – do the thinking.  But really, you CAN’T get to know someone that fast.  And definitely DON’T BELIEVE everything a guy says, especially when he wants sex… or WHEN YOU’RE ON NATIONAL TV!

The truth is – Bentley, huge frog that he is – makes GREAT TV.   His two-faced lies and horrific deceit are what glued every girl to the TV.  And made them want to see more!

Everyone was talking about Bentley after the show.  Even though he left the show last week, talk show hosts were still joking about him this week. Why?  Because every good story needs a villain!  And Bentley is a doozie!  Handsome, charming and lying through his pearly whites.

Think about it.  What would Superman be without The Joker?  Nightmare on Elm Street without Freddy?  Silence of the Lambs without Hannibal Lechter? The villains are always the most fun to watch.

But gals, villains are wonderful in movies and TV.  They DON’T work in your life!

Soooo, Ashley, and all you other gals out there – when you have a premonition, a nagging feeling, or even the slightest inkling that a guy might be, could be, or probably is a Bad Boy – RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!  Whether you’re in Sketcher Shape-ups or Jimmy Choo Stilettos!  This romance is doomed from the start of his first oh-so-hot-makes-you-tingle kiss.  Don’t let your raging hormones cloud your grey matter.

What, you think, “Maybe he’s changed? I’m the one girl he really does care for!”  If that’s the case, girlfriend, make him prove to you that he’ll be different this time because he loves YOU, craves YOU, can’t live WITHOUT YOU!  And make him WAIT, WAIT, WAIT before you profess your feelings to him.

Remember, a guy wants a girl he can’t get!  He loves the chase!  He wants the one who doesn’t want him!  So if he’s a Bad Boy, forewarned is forearmed – or should we say, FROGwarned is FROGarmed!

As for Ashley on The Bachelorette – I’ll be watching to see which guy “ribbits” next!

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