Irish Charm: Not So Froggy!

Vacation: a great way to escape the day-to-day grind, find a little excitement, and of course escape those frogs you just can’t seem to shake off. Now, every place has its fare share of frogs—don’t get me wrong. But on my recent trip to Ireland I heard far less ribbits than I have in awhile.

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How Technology is Killing Romance

The world has changed and so has dating. Today, when we hook-up with someone, it’s no longer just the two of us. No. Now, it’s always a threesome –  you, him, and that all-intrusive Technology. It’s a “Menage a Tech.”  Picture it. Your date takes you to a romantic, candlelit restaurant,and then…. read on at:

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Internet Dating: What If Everyone Told the Truth?

Internet dating! Everyone does it. And everyone complains about it! Why? The guys think the girls lie, and the girls think the guys lie. And the truth is, everybody lies! What if there were sites where people told the whole truth and listed all their flaws?  You don’t have to lie to find true love…. (Read more at):

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The Bachelorette is now minus a BIG TOAD!


Amid numerous scandals involving Arnold Schwarzenegger’s infidelity and Anthony Weiner’s online sex scandal, one frog stood out among all the rest last week: BENTLEY.

A few weeks ago, millions of women around the country sat cringing in their living rooms as scumbag Bentley broke Ashley’s heart on The Bachelorette. Even though most of us saw it coming, I know it didn’t stop me from yelling at my TV in disgust over this truly horrendous toad. So afterwards naturally I took to the online community to share in my outrage and see what other people were saying about this frog in sheep’s clothing.
Logically I thought I’d see tons of rants fuming over how deceitful and slimy Bentley is, which I did. But what I was most surprised to see were the comments from girls saying how much they were going to miss Bentley’s outrageously rude remarks and sneaky tendencies on the show. Um…. EXCUSE ME?

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You have to kiss a lot of Bentley’s before you find your prince…..

“FROGERELLA” talks about how Ashley, The Bachelorette, fell for a FROG!

Oh, Ashley – how could you be soooo fooled by Bentley?  And to keep professing your feelings for him over and over! OMG, you let your heart – not your head – do the thinking.  But really, you CAN’T get to know someone that fast.  And definitely DON’T BELIEVE everything a guy says, especially when he wants sex… or WHEN YOU’RE ON NATIONAL TV!

The truth is – Bentley, huge frog that he is – makes GREAT TV.   His two-faced lies and horrific deceit are what glued every girl to the TV.  And made them want to see more!

Everyone was talking about Bentley after the show.  Even though he left the show last week, talk show hosts were still joking about him this week. Why?  Because every good story needs a villain!  And Bentley is a doozie!  Handsome, charming and lying through his pearly whites.

Think about it.  What would Superman be without The Joker?  Nightmare on Elm Street without Freddy?  Silence of the Lambs without Hannibal Lechter? The villains are always the most fun to watch.

But gals, villains are wonderful in movies and TV.  They DON’T work in your life!

Soooo, Ashley, and all you other gals out there – when you have a premonition, a nagging feeling, or even the slightest inkling that a guy might be, could be, or probably is a Bad Boy – RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!  Whether you’re in Sketcher Shape-ups or Jimmy Choo Stilettos!  This romance is doomed from the start of his first oh-so-hot-makes-you-tingle kiss.  Don’t let your raging hormones cloud your grey matter.

What, you think, “Maybe he’s changed? I’m the one girl he really does care for!”  If that’s the case, girlfriend, make him prove to you that he’ll be different this time because he loves YOU, craves YOU, can’t live WITHOUT YOU!  And make him WAIT, WAIT, WAIT before you profess your feelings to him.

Remember, a guy wants a girl he can’t get!  He loves the chase!  He wants the one who doesn’t want him!  So if he’s a Bad Boy, forewarned is forearmed – or should we say, FROGwarned is FROGarmed!

As for Ashley on The Bachelorette – I’ll be watching to see which guy “ribbits” next!

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Princes, Frogs, and Bridesmaids!

While most girls my age grew up idolizing the classic Disney princesses like Belle, Cinderella, and Ariel, I grew up idolizing Molly Ringwald. Instead of watching all the Disney cartoons like the rest of the girls my age, I would sit down with my mom and watch all the classic 80s flicks, most of which included red frizzy hair and leg warmers, and all of which included Molly scoring the guy at the end. So naturally I developed the idea that someday, I too would find my prince.

I assumed that one day, like in every movie, I would go off to college, find a quirky best friend, fall for a guy who had no idea I existed, and in some crazy turn of events, he would finally notice me. Then one day I would find him standing outside my room in the pouring rain holding a stereo over his head and declaring his love for me. Well… I didn’t exactly think that, but something close.

Turns out, life isn’t as simple as a John Hughes’ flick.

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FrogNews Soon to be FrogBlog

Just like a tadpole morphs into a frog - our News section is morphing into a blog –The Frog Blog! You’ll be able to read all kinds of toadally new things here - about celebrity frogs, like Anthony Weiner (The Married Tweets-his-Weiner-Frog) and Bentley on The Bachelorette, (The Really Slimy, Narcissistic Frog.)  We’ll also be chatting about popular new movies, TV shows, your favorite guys and gals, watching out for frogs at the beach, you name it. So frogMARK this page – and we’ll be bringing you some awesome and frogelicious posts. It will be hoppening!

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You can now view the first six episodes of the Never Kiss a Frog webseries.

Explore our new website and sign up for Free Frog Stuff!

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Never Kiss a Frog Airs on Mingle Media TV

The Never Kiss a Frog web series is now airing on Mingle Media TV.

Check it out at:

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